Frequently Asked Questions


These are some of the most frequently asked questions.  Coach Chris has worked with athletes of all backgrounds and abilities.  Chris would love to discuss what you want to improve on or goals you have, and how coaching could work to meet or exceed them.   Click on the book a free consultation button to set up a no obligation call.

Q:        Do I need a power meter or smart trainer to do coaching?
A:        No.  All you need is a heart rate monitor that will download, like a Garmin 530, Wahoo etc for cycling, Garmin running watch or Apple watch for running.  For indoor cycling training, any regular magnetic or fluid trainer will work if you don’t have a smart trainer.


Q:        What is taken into consideration to design my program?
A:        Coach Chris will do a full consultation to discuss your training history, any injuries you had or have that may need to be considered, your availability for training, your strengths and weaknesses, your goals, and most importantly “why you train” and what you hope to achieve.


Q:        Do I have to be in London or Ontario for the coaching to work well?
A:        No, Coach Chris has worked with many successful athletes over the years from a distance.  Coach Chris gets to know all his athletes well; and can easily communicate and help athletes meet or exceed their goals.  Currently the majority of his athletes are in the GTA; however, he has coached athletes in British Columbia, Atlanta, New York city and Massachusetts.


Q:        Can I include strength training in my program?

A:        Absolutely.  Depending on your goals and time availability strength can be included in your program.  Core training is recommended for all athletes year round.  Many athletes include total body strength in the fall and winter a couple times a week and some like to keep some upper and core strength all year.  Coach Chris can design your program for you, or have a program he can schedule it into your weekly training.


Q:        How do I decide which package is best for me?
A:        That is a personal choice dependent on how much interaction, contact and guidance you are seeking as well as the goals you are striving to attain.  After you look at the different packages if you have questions on which one would work best for you book a free consultation and Coach Chris can discuss what might work best for you.


Q:        How much of an improvement can I expect to see?
A:        It varies from athlete to athlete.  Over a full season you can expect:

  • Cyclists:  typically, 2-3 km/h faster average speed 
  • Cyclists with a power meter:  30-50 watts improvements in threshold power are fairly common, and I have seen dramatic improvements as much as 60 watts in half a season. 
  • Multi-sport athletes:  expect to see running and swimming improvements of approximately 10% faster.


Q:        Training Peaks and power training sounds very confusing.  Will it be explained to me how it all works?
A:        Yes.  When you start everything will be explained, from how to link your Training Peaks account to Zwift, how to use ERG mode, as well as the power terminology and what Coach Chris looks for when he is prescribing workouts and analyzing files.


Q:        How does Training Peaks work?  Is there a cost?
A:        Training Peaks is a platform used to design your custom workouts.  Every day will have a specific workout for you on a calendar.  Cycling workouts, if you have a smart trainer or power meter, will be based on your functional threshold power (FTP), and will be completely tailored to you and your goals.  Running workouts will be based on pace, and swim workouts will be completely explained.  After your workout, you can comment on how the training felt and your exertion to complete the training.  All coaching packages include a premium Training Peaks account at no extra cost. 


Q:        If I have a smart trainer or power meter how do the workouts work?
A:        Athletes do a threshold test, either a custom ramp test or a 20-minute functional threshold power (FTP) test, and workouts are based off the results.  Coach Chris’ custom workouts easily load on Zwift and other training platforms.  Workouts are in ERG mode, and you follow the workout power and cadence.  Athletes should repeat a threshold test approximately every 5 weeks to ensure their zones and workouts are always completely dialed in for optimal results.


Q:        Will nutrition information be provided?
A:        Yes.  You will receive general nutrition information, pre and post ride nutrition guidelines, on the bike nutrition, and an anti-cramping document.  There is also an option to have a full personalized nutrition plan developed and analyzed in Gold level coaching.


Q:        In the spring and summer can I still do group rides, rides with friends or for fun?   Can I still do Zwift group rides or races in the winter?
A:        Yes, absolutely.  Coach Chris will work to incorporate these rides into your program.  Coach Chris will give you parameters to aim for; however, afterward, Coach Chris will analyze and evaluate the ride and will build the remainder of your training program around it. 


Q:        Can I still ride outside in the colder months when I want to?
A:        Yes.  Many athletes do a mix of indoor rides and outdoor rides including gravel rides, fat bike or even road.  As long as you have a heart rate monitor, Coach Chris can track your rides and give you either specific workouts to do or general guidelines on what zones to be in.