Coach Chris Sponsored Teams Starting in 2001.  Over the years the team has had some amazing success including having the highest overall Points in the Road O Cups and being the top 5 and top 10 several years in Mountain Biking.  With the Pandemic there won’t be a team in 2022, but we look forward to rebuilding in 2023!!  For now here are some pictures and podiums from over the years!


Coach Chris Team


Podium - Ashley

Podium - Jason

Podium - Lori

Coach Chris - Brownie

Coach Chris - Vince, Springbank

Podium - Jason

Jason - Evaraert Halton Win

Podium - Carden and Dickenson

Podium - Donny MEC Race

Podium - Tim Crosby


Ashley Worlds

Sprint Podium

Podium - Ashley Toronto Cross

Podium 2016 Masters - Anna

Podium Enduro O Cup - Moe Albion

Podium - Zach

Podium - Provincial -Zach