Here Is What Athletes Have to Say About Our Coaches

After taking some time off training due to the pandemic and other life commitments, I decided to call Chris. I asked him about coming back to the racing scene, particularly duathlons. I did tell him I had limited time and he said that was no problem. He set me up with a program that was geared to my needs and also accommodated my busy schedule. Needless to say, he got me ready.

This season I ended up racing five duathlons. I won four and placed 2nd in the other. I had these results training between 5 and 6.5 hrs a week. Chris monitors all my workouts and makes adjustments for me as needed. In my opinion this is the best investment in improving my cycling, running and overall health.

Donny Klassen

I reached out to Chris in the mid 2000’s when I was racing Sr Expert in the Ontario Cup race series. Chris has helped me reach my cycling goals since. He coached me through Sr Expert, Sr. Elite, and Master Expert. Chris builds my monthly training schedules with flexibility, intense intervals and fun rides. He uses Training Peeks which I can access wherever I am and I can pair with my Garmin.

After each training ride, I receive positive feedback within 24hrs. As well, if I have any training questions Chris responds to my emails within a day. Chris has always been a down to earth positive coach.

A Bennetto

Testimonials for CoachChris

"I have been a client of Chris’ for a year and have been impressed with his coaching.  Chris’ approach includes endurance training and physical conditioning that meets the goals of racing, and helps with my all around physical well being.

Chris is always available to answer your questions and  checks in frequently with you to adjust the plan to your schedule and life’s little surprises as they pop up.

As an amateur MTB racer I wanted to progress from the local race series to OCUP with a goal of finishing in the top 10 for my tier.  With Chris’ help I achieved that goal and I am looking forward to even better results next year!"

Brett Ramden

“I was referred to Chris three years ago when I was coming off an injury and had only a few months to train for an event. The goal was to do the best we could with the time available and avoid injury. Chris’ plan was a success and he has been structuring my training ever since.

With no events for the past two years staying motivated hasn’t been a problem. Chris’ training plans have kept each strength session, indoor and outdoor ride fresh, interesting and challenging. Cycling is fun. Cycling with a plan and improving performance makes it much more rewarding.”

Greg Wilkinson

“Chris and I met 8 years ago over the telephone. I live in Kleinburg, a small village on the outskirts of Toronto. I had heard about Chris through a few friends and wondered if he'd be able to take my cycling to the next level without having to go to London. Not only did he train me, but he did it well.

Chris arranged for all my testing to occur near my home. He analyzed my data and kept on top of my training through Strava. He developed personalized programs that fit my competition goals. When he could see I was overtraining, he would tell me. No matter how I felt, he always had me in perfect condition for race day. I still haven't met Chris face to face after all this time, but I wouldn't cycle the way I do without him in my corner.

He's safely got me through multiple competitions, from local races to international 7-day staged events like the Haute Route Dolomites. I would highly recommend Chris to everyone. He knows what he is doing.”

Michael Iacovelli

“In the fall of 2014, Triathlon Ontario recommended Chris as a potential source for a cycling Coach.  Since that time I have been fortunate to train with and learn from Coach Chris.  Ranging from long distance fall rides where I learned about his countless travel and racing experience, to numerous intense winter indoor trainer sessions he has helped me develop the speed, power and bike handling skills that I need to become faster and more confident.  He has taken me from being a junior triathlete with little cycling experience, to one that had the fastest bike split in the 16-19 age group at the 2016 Triathlon World Championships in Cozumel Mexico.

This past winter, I made some coaching changes with running, and am now running along side Chris as well.  Since then I have found that my times have improved, my technique has bettered, and overall I learned to love running again.  Not only is Chris an amazing Triathlon Coach, he has designed a strength program for me to do a couple times a week, specialized to what a young triathlete needs to focus on.  Chris is more than willing to help me balance my triathlon training with my commitments at school maintaining the balance needed for a student athlete.

I have learned to love training more than I ever could have imagined, and that is thanks to Chris.  He is an exceptional Coach who cares about his athletes health, safety and happiness and truly strives to help them achieve their personal training goals.  He has mentored me along with many others and has helped us all achieve goals and set new ones for the future.  Thanks a lot Chris I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Emilie Tremblay

 “If you want to succeed, you absolutely have to have a good coach. You can read all the physiology textbooks you want—goodness knows I’ve read a great many of them myself— but there is no substitute for the skill and experience of a coach who’s sole responsibility is to put all the theory into practical usefulness. Your training plan doesn't need to be a trial and error process. Chris takes a modern and scientific approach to training his athletes, which shows in the results. In this, my first season racing seriously, Chris understood not only the amount of work, but the type of work that would be needed to achieve my goals. I cannot understate how much of a motivating factor it is to have your whole year planned out for you, nowing exactly how each workout brings you one step closer to achieving your goals. When you have a plan and a purpose, you never want to miss a workout, ever! As a result, at every race I competed in this season (May to October), I always felt I was optimally prepared, in peak shape at the right time. More importantly, Chris took special care to ensure recovery periods were well adhered to throughout the season, allowing me to maintain and improve my fitness the entire year without injury, illness, or mental fatigue.”

Graydon Raymer | BSc., BPHE, MSc (Kinesiology)

“I have been working with Chris Helwig since 2004 when I was 24 years of age at the outset of my pursuits in amateur cycling. During this time, I have not only moved up though the sport, but I also started a family of three children, and had my career as a pianist and teacher develop. As I have moved forward in my life, my approach to sport and training also changed.  Chris has always approached my training in a manner which allows me to not only excel at sport, but also in my life. He skillfully builds my programs around my other focusses in life in a manner that complements my lifestyle and does not detract from it. After 25 years of serious athletics, I have found it to be a somewhat easier task to build a program designed for an elite level athlete who is able to train, rest, recover, sleep and have perfect nutrition. Chris is a PRO at building the bodies and minds of those that seek to balance a fulfilling life with their passion for athletics.”

Ryan Phelps

"In the past 6 years, Chris has taken me from a guy with a desk job who wanted to be a Triathlete, to riding the complete route of the 2010 Tour de France one day ahead of the pros.

No matter how large my goals and dreams Chris has been there every step of the way.

From his complete knowledge of training through perceived effort, heart rate training and training with power, Chris is also there for me on the bike and at the tours ensuring that I get the most out of the specific training programs he has designed for me. I'm impressed and grateful that through Chris' structure and experience he was able to prepare me specifically for each event. Whether it was a sprint triathlon, the World Duathlons, or a 3640 km trek through France Chris had me dialed in just right!"

Ted Velikonja

 “In 2006 I made the move up to Master Expert for the Ontario Cup MTB series. Leading up to the season I had trained on my own. In my first race I finished a disappointing 26th, and in the very next race, had a DNF from fatigue. This is when I decided to hire Chris as my coach. He first sat down with me to outline goals and ways of reaching those goals. Now my training is scheduled to meet the needs of my family and work commitments, while peaking for competitions. Chris has taken the guess-work out of training for me. It wasn’t long and I began making huge improvements, and even finished 2nd at the provincial championships in 2006. Now for the 2007 season, I have come out of the gates strong with a 3rd at the first O-Cup, and my first WIN at the second! I basically went from last to FIRST in one year. Hiring Chris has been the best money I have spent on my amateur cycling career. Thanks Chris.”

Jason Everaert

"Working with Chris has been a very positive experience. I have found in him everything I was hoping for in a coach, and as a "novice" cyclist I am surprised by how far I have come with Chris in a relatively short amount of time.  I am impressed with the care and thought that is put into developing a complete personalized program and by his knowledge of the science of cycling. Working with Chris has allowed me to maximize the use of my time and taken the guess work out of my cycling — when I go out the door for a ride, I am confident I am doing " the right thing" and taking steps towards my goals. With Chris to guide me through the off-season this year I am setting my goals higher and expecting even better things next year!"

Douglas Chisholm | M.D.

"Who would have ever thought how far coaching can take you in a given time. I've been training with Chris Helwig for almost a year now, and in that time I have seen a dramatic improvement in my cycling performance. Training on my own was tough, and with no real guidance I really didn't know how to achieve peak performance for my mid-season races. Together we set performance goals and developed a plan of smarter; more efficient training which eventually led me to three top 10 finishes and very close to a podium spot in Ontario Cup series racing."

Craig Vedova | Mountain Bike Racer

"In 2002 I had six top-ten finishes in sanctioned races, including two in Italy, I was in six winning breaks (one of which lapped the field) and I won a club race. In eight previous full seasons of racing, I had never once been in a winning break and I had never once won a club race.

I achieved these results in my first year back after 5 years off the bike. I never felt fatigued, I never got sick of training and my desire to race was undiminished to the point where I didn't want the season to end. I also wasted zero time thinking about what to do for training and preparation for races. I attribute this entirely to the program prepared for me by Chris Helwig and my faithful execution of that program."

Tony Liokossis

"Chris is more than a coach — he is a coach/athlete.

This translates into someone who, with his scholastic and practical experience, understands the day to day training and can give relevant and currently applicable advice. Chris’ broad knowledge of different sports and his work with athletes from every age group and level make him an excellent coach for anyone— no matter what your level of competition"

Kathleen Millar | former national team rider